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Georgia Chess Clubs

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Before you think that we are talking about Gerogia in the USA, we have to let you know that there is another Georgia, located in Europe; a small and beautiful country which seems to gain some popularity due to its skilled chess players. The country in the Caucasus is very well known for having a long chess tradition. Usually the eastern European countries have been more engaged in chess tournaments than western socieitis. Georgia, used to be a part of the Soviet Union, and perhaps its chess tradition comes from the strong links with the former Soviet Union which survived until today. The Soviets were well-known for producing some of the biggest chess players in the world.

Georgia, nowadays, has many chess clubs with very strong and advanced members who take part in tournaments. The chess clubs are also available online with usually neat and very well-organized websites to the delight of many Georgian chess players.

The Nona Chess Club from Batumi

The Nona Chess Club is a female club from Batumi in Georgia which got its name after the famous Georgian chess player and Women’s World Champion Nona Gaprindashvili, which was also a two-time European Champion. It seems that the ladies from the club Nona club live up to the name of the famous chess player by being one of the most dominant chess clubs in every competiton.

The team became the Champion of the European Chess Club Cup in 2015 which was held in Macedonia. They won all seven matches during the tournament. This is already the second time for the team to win the most important European chess championship. Also, the team is the world champion in chess currently.

Nona Gaprindashvili became champion in 1962 and defended the title for the following 16 years. Georgia’s successful chess players and teams are still considered a product of the Soviet chess school.