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The origins of chess are not known. However, it is believed that this game evolved from other similar games played almost two thousand years ago. The chess we know today was developed in the 15th century. From that period chess became popular in Europe first and then around the world.

How the Pieces Move

chess piece

There are six different kinds of pieces, and they all move in a different way. They are not allowed to move through other pieces. However, Knight can jump over them because of its specific movement. Also, they can move onto a square with opponent pieces, but never with their own pieces. Therefore, pieces are able to capture enemy pieces, which is a chance to attack the opponent, defend their own pieces and control the important files and ranks.

The King is only capable of moving one square at a time in any direction, which makes it the weakest piece. However, it is the most important piece, which is usually inactive and best protected for the most of the game.

The Queen, on the other hand, is most powerful. You can move it in any straight direction as far as you want.

The Rook can also move as far as the Queen. However, it is not able to move through diagonals, but only through the ranks and files.

Unlike the Rook, the Bishop moves only diagonally. Both players have one Bishop that starts and travels on light squares, while other starts and travels on dark squares.

The Knight has a particular move. They can only jump three squares in a shape of L, for instance, one square forward and then two on a side, or two squares on a side and one backward.

Pawns are curious since they move only forward but capture a piece diagonally. They can only move one square at a time. However, in the first time move Pawn can go two squares. Pawns can only capture one square diagonally in front of them.

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Chess, the game or sports, which has been considered a “nerd game” for a very long time, represents now a sign of prestige, intelligence and a swift mind. If you want to be or become the next Bobby Fisher, you will have to work on that. Chess requires a unique approach, calculation and accurate prediction, as well as careful thinking; it is like a brain game. If you started playing chess and would like to improve your game, you have to be patient enough to master some of the techniques and skills which chess requires. Here are some tips which can be very helpful to master the brain game to the fullest.

A great chess player knows the moves. Each chess piece has its own rules regarding the directions in which they move. Use the 64 squares wisely to dominate the game against your opponent. The King is the chess piece that should be protected, and the goal is to checkmate your opponent's king before they checkmate you. The king is the most limited since it can move only per one square when it is your turn. On the other hand, the Queen is the holder of power in a chess game, given that you can make the most moves with a Queen-diagonally, straight forward, sideways, and backward as far as it wants.

The Bishop is the figure which moves diagonally as far as it wants, and when your both Bishops join forces, you can easily make your opponent sweat.

The Knight has a particular moving style, also called the L-shaped move, whereby it moves two squares in one direction and the third moves for 90 degrees. The Knight can jump over or move over other chess pieces, which others cannot.

The two Rooks are the outer watch dogs, each at the end square which can move straightforward, back, and sideways. The pawns are like the little army in the front, which move one square per time and capture diagonally. When opening the game, the pawns can make two steps for the first time.

The Pawn as the Ice-breaker

The opening move is always opened with a pawn in order to, and it is common knowledge to start with the pawn in front of the king or Queen.

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